BYE-BYE 2012

We have had New Year's Resolutions for the past years, but we eventually always failed. 
As we don't want to set up ourselves for failure again, we didn't make any this year. However 
love, risk, commitment and smile are always on our list, especially for the upcoming 2013.
In 3 days we are leaving for Sweden, where we'll spend 8 days with our best friends. Can't wait!
Have a wonderful new year beautiful people! (Here below is our 2011's resolutions checklist)
Be more positive ✓  Keep things simple  Learn Spanish  ✓/Find an internship ✓ Discover more Berlin ✓ 
Eat less pizza ✓ Assume the best of people ✓ Improve our cultural knowledge ✓ Spend less money
Find a new haircut ✓ Attend university regularlyGo more often to the gymTravel more ✓ Enjoy more 
little things /x Be more open to new people ✓ Smoke less ✓ Reduce time on Facebook x 
Make videos of our lives ✓/Not care to be judged  ✓/x  Keep on believing in love 

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