My mind is a bit all over the place this morning. I woke up with a smile on my face, feeling incredibly
optimistic about the day ahead and the future in general, even if there seems so little reason to be so 
happy. I've been feeling a little bit blah the last week, always overwhelmed by the excitement to arrive
somewhere new. I think we all experience that from time to time and it isn't a great thing. However, 
today I feel something really good is gonna happen, and change is on the way. So, I might just go for a 
quick run and spent the afternoon with friends, enjoying how the routing is taking me through the day 
while connecting the dots in my mind. But before all that sets in, here is a less cheerful and less
 colourful look I want to share with you. Enjoy the pictures and have the best start of the week ever!

Devid: Topman t-shirt, Weekday shorts, Dr.Martens shoes, Oak nyc cap, Weekday bag.


  1. love this all black outfit! <3