Istanbul has definitely the most iconic city skyline and sunsets I have seen so far.
During my time there with the Stylebook Blogstars and Boomads teams, I stayed at
the Marmara Pera Hotel, located in the shopping area of Beyoglu, and I must admit
that it was an outstanding location. Tourists were paying big bucks to get a view of the
silhouette of the city across the canal, but all I had to do was to stand on our rooftop 
for the most amazing view you could ask for. Check it out yourself after the break!

The hotel was just superb with great sized rooms, comfy beds and innovative design - it 
just had it all. Alongside the delicious breakfast and the exquisite dinners I had with 
my fellow blogger Julia from N93 and the people from Stylebook, Hürriyet and 
Boomads, it was definitely one of the highlight that made my time in Istanbul so unique.
Here are some of my photographic views I have collected for you, hope you enjoy them! 

I don't know what is about urban rooftop pools that gets me, whether it's the ability to see the 
stunning city skyline or the fact that having a pool on a roof in downtown is just a very cool 
thing. Anyway, the feeling is unforgettable, especially when the pool runs right up against the edge
 of the building, separating you from the downtown by a wall of glass, and it feels like you might just 
swim over the streets. But visiting the rooftop of the Marmara Pera Hotel wasn't just about going for 
a relaxing swim, it literally gave me the most stunning view of the city, which is definitely the most 
precious memory I have of this trip. Thanks again Stylebook Blogstars for this incredible opportunity! 

Photos by starecasers.com and Julia Haghjoo


  1. INCREDIBLE! Love your second post about your stay in Istanbul. Nice selection & the view is insane! :)


  2. omg! speechless!

  3. great pictures <3 istanbul is so cool! thx for this post