1000 TIMES

Happy New Year everyone! It's finally that time of the year where we all resolve 
to become better people. "So, what are my resolutions?" This question is one that 
I have asked myself a thousand times this week and answered just as many times:
go to the gym, spend less time in the tub, reduce the abuse of mayonnaise etc etc. 
I'm usually very committed during the first days of January, until my discipline 
slowly disappear just a bunch of weeks after. However, one resolution I won't fail 
is to have 'less black' on this blog... so yeah, here you go with a first blue look. 
But what about you guys? Have you written down your resolutions yet? 

Thibaud: vintage baseball jersey, COS shirt, Zara trousers, Adidas SLVR shoes. 


  1. stunning!

  2. loving the adidas shoes

    well since i just launched a blog my resolution is
    to post regularly !

    hope you check it out


    happy new year

  3. adore the idea of matching varsity spirit w/ minimal pieces!
    great job!
    Happy New Year!


  4. anch io non so quante volte ho detto basta alla mayonese e non ce l ho fatta ahah, anyway le scarpe sono fantastiche mi piace molto questo look ;))
    dario fattore - www.whosdaf.com

  5. Can we all just take a moment.. You guys are super hot, you're style is just AMAZING and you guys have the best blog!

  6. I love the baseball jersey! I also love to mix sport and casual together. And we have the same shoes from SLVR, such a great collection that spring! Mine is in black with green lining near the sole.

    Cheers from New York City!