I have always been a person who wants to be one step ahead, one who wants to experience
many things as fast as possible. I always want more and I want change, forever seeking the
 next thing. So, today I forced myself to slow down a bit, go with the flow and learn to take
 the day as it comes. I put on my new favourite wrist watch I received from RenĂ© Mouris
- which fits perfectly and is absolutely great! - went outside for a walk, and cleared some time
 by reevaluating priorities, putting aside my everyday pressures. It actually felt good to
practice smart time, and now I'm back to my life with much greater enjoyment!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too, and an even better week ahead of you : ) 

Devid: vintage leather jacket, Topman tee, Zara trousers, Nike Air Max sneakers,  RenĂ© Mouris watch

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  1. I love this outfit, nice pictures !!!