It's time for a #ThrowbackThursday blog post! Today is the perfect chance 
to bring us back to our Thailand trip form this past winter. We won't elaborate
on the highlights of the journey, like we did with our Take Me 2 Chiang Mai 
and Take Me 2 Thailand Beaches & Islands. All we want to do is to share 
our best memories collected in this short video, and show you some unpublished
pictures of the outstanding moments of our 2-day trekking experience in the 
northern hill-tribes villages and of our most chilled hours in Bangkok. Click
on the HD button to watch the video in high quality (you'll be redirected to 
our Vimeo channel) and enjoy some photographic impressions after the break!  


  1. kiss at the end of the video <3 very cute!

  2. this video totally made my entire day. you rounded it all off very well!

  3. you guys are thre most beautiful couple this planet host

  4. LOVE this, guys - hope to see you again soon!
    Xo, Em

  5. Vous avez filmé avec quoi? C'est vraiment un pays magnifique