Happy Saturday everyone! It has been over 10 days since our last blog post,
but being Devid in Italy and Amsterdam for two weeks, we haven't had the 
time to sit down and shoot some looks. So, yesterday we went through our 
archive and thought we'd better post something, and voilĂ ... we found a real
gem. While in Bangkok this last winter, we had the the chance to collaborate
with well-known Thai men's style magazine Looker Mag and had an editorial
featured on their March issue. We never had the opportunity to make it public,
but we have decided to go ahead now and show you some shots. We will have 
the entire two next days to our selves, so hopefully we'll be out and 
about soon and posting again. Cheers for now and happy weekend!

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  1. of'coz it;s summer and u haven't wear any shirt. lolz